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UMAP Supervised Embeddings (Python->R)

Using Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) for supervised clustering and embedding over the similarity space computed from the leaves of a random forest.

How to Highlight 3D Brain Regions

A tutorial for three methods of labelling an ROI in brain images

Transcriptome Assembly and Annotation

Transcriptome Assembly and Annotation.

vapoRwave ggplot2 themes & palettes

This package provides a number of ggplot2 themes inspired by vaporwave, both a subgenre of electronic music and an art movement.

How to Choose the Best Open Source Software

How to Choose the Best Open Source Software

Reversing the order of axis in a ggplot2 scatterplot

Playing around with the axis display in ggplot2

The Gold Standard for Data Science Project Management

Gold Standard workflow for setting up a new data science project directory and file naming

Recreating data visualizations from the book Knowledge is Beautiful

In this series I will set out to recreate some of the visualization from the book “Knowledge is Beautiful” by David McCandless in R.

Analyzing 12 years of the Free Ride World Tour

Using the TwitteR package and web-scraping the FWT website for better insights

Gene set enrichment in R

Techniques for the analysis of gene set enrichments, pathway analysis, gene ontologies, functional analysis of metabolomic profiling and coexpression networks

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